Semi-Permanent Brows

Microblading £270

Microblading is a form of semi permanent make up and is performed by using a small manual tool (a microblade) to implant pigment under the skin mimicking the look of natural hair strokes. Microblading can look full on immediately after treatment but will heal to a subtle natural hair stroke look, perfect for no make up days! Microblading is a two appointment process with each appointment no sooner than 6-8 weeks apart.

Microblading is priced at £270 This is split into three payments. £50 booking fee to secure appointments, £170 on the day of the microblading procedure appointment and then £50 for the retouch procedure appointment. Microblading is not suitable for certain skin types especially those with very oily skin. Payment plans are available. Please see our FAQ below for more information.

Machine Brows/ Powder/ Ombre/ Hair Stroke/ Combination - £299

A range of brow looks can be created including a bold powder brow, a softer powder look pixel brow, a hair stroke look brow or even a combo brow (a combination of microblading and shading or hair strokes and powder look).

Powder look brows are performed using a small needle attached to a specialist micropigmentation machine. pigment is implanted more equally than microblading so it can last longer in the skin and is suitable for all skin types. Powder brows are a two appointment process with each appointment no sooner than 6-8 weeks apart, they are the perfect way to replace a make up/ filled in brow look.

Machine/ powder brows are priced at £299. This is split into three payments. £50 booking fee to secure appointments, £199 on the day of the procedure appointment and then £50 for the retouch procedure appointment. Payment plans are available. Please see our FAQ below for more information

8-18 month colour boost prices can be found on our SERVICES page.

Please CONTACT US before booking if you have previous microblading/ semi permanent make up for considered colour boost or correction. Or if you have any health conditions or take any regular medications. This will allow us to asses your suitability for treatment and avoid any booking fees being lost!


Do I have a consultation?

Yes once booked in for semi permanent brows (microblading or powder/ machine) and your £50 non refundable booking fee is paid to confirm your appointment you should also book in for a full pre consultation. This is around a 30 minute appointment where we will carry out patch tests, discuss shape, colour and map out guidelines for your new brows so you can get an idea of how they will look. If you are happy to have before and after pictures taken of your brows, Your before pictures will be taken and any stray hairs that fall outside of your guideline shape will be waxed away in preparation for your semi permanent brow treatment. It is therefore important that this appointment is scheduled within 1-10 days before your brow procedure. You will also be given the chance to ask any questions and will be advised of anything you need to prepare/ avoid leading up to your treatment appointment.


Am I suitable for a semi permanent brow treatment?

Microblading is not suitable for everyone and doesn’t retain well on oily skin. Oily skin, large pores and thin mature skins would be better suited to a machine hair stroke, combination or powder brow. Machine/ Powder/ Ombre/ Hair stroke/ Combination brows are suitable for all skin types. Clients with certain health conditions or on certain medications (especially those with a blood thinning effect) may not be suitable for treatment. Please CONTACT US  to check before booking if you are unsure. We can enhance full brows and also create brows on clients with no hair growth at all so it really doesn’t matter how much natural hair growth you have. We always try to keep as much of your natural hair as possible inside your semi permanent brow shape. Any hairs that do fall outside of this shape will be waxed away at pre consultation and must be maintained regularly. We can not perform treatment on those pregnant or breastfeeding. Strictly 18+ only
Any clients considering booking in for microblading or powder/ machine brows who wish to discuss their suitability and options are welcome to book in for a free short consultation


What is the treatment process?

Every client will have a full pre consultation followed by their procedure appointment 1-10 days later. The procedure appointment is generally around 2.5 hours long this includes time for pre numbing and to fill in consultation forms and around 30-40 minutes drawing out your new brow design. This is done using a measuring tool and brows are drawn out according to your natural brow bone structure. No stencils are used and the brow shape will be bespoke to you as everyones face shape and natural brow symmetry are different so one brow does not suit all. Once you are happy with the pre drawn shape and colour the treatment will begin. An aftercare pack will be given and instructions will be discussed at the end of your appointment. Your new brows will take around 4 weeks to heal fully and then it is important that you return for a second treatment (retouch) in 6-8 weeks to complete your new brows. Again the healing process will be 4 weeks after your second treatment making the complete healing process at least 10 weeks. Please make sure you book well in advance for any holidays or special occasions!


How long does it last?

Microblading clients will generally need a colour boost every 8-12 months.

Powder/ machine brows usually last slightly longer and a colour boost is generally needed every 12-18 months. This varies depending on how well you look after your semi permanent brows, your skin type and the amount of uv exposure.


Does it hurt?

Microblading clients generally describe the treatment as completely pain free! We pre numb the area and also numb during the procedure. We’ve even had the odd client fall asleep!

Machine work (Powder/ Ombre Brows) clients usually describe a very mild discomfort that is more of a pressure/ vibration from the machine. We pre numb the area and also numb regularly during the procedure. Most clients rate this discomfort around a 2-3/10.


What products do we use?

We only use ever the highest quality permanent make up pigment on our clients. our go to brands are Phi and Tina Davies. We also use Tina Davies blades. All microblades and needles used during procedures are sterile and disposable

Pre Procedure Information

From 2 weeks before – No botox or fillers to the area, no skin peels, acids or medicated skin products

From 7 days before – No sun expose

From 48 hours before – No aspirin, ibuprofen or Any medication with a thining effect on the blood

From 24 hours before no alcohol

On the day of procedure – No caffeine or exercise before your appointment

Aftercare/ retouch appointments

Although there is no down time for your new brows the healing process usually takes between 25 and 30 days after each treatment. After the initial treatment you will be talked through your aftercare and given an aftercare pack to take away. It is crucial that you follow the information given to you on the day as this can sometimes vary from client to client. As a general rule...

Procedure day

After treatment brows must be blotted with a clean tissue hourly until bedtime. Brows must then be washed gently and separately from the rest of the face with warm/ cool boiled water to remove lymph and help minimise scabbing.

Day after procedure (morning)

Brows must be again washed separately and gently with warm/ cool boiled water and then completely left to dry heal for at least 10 days!

During the healing process for the first 14 days!!
  • No long hot showers or water on the brows
  • No exercise or sweating
  • No make up on the brow area
  • Avoid sleeping on your face
  • Avoid touching the brow area at all and DO NOT itch, pick or pull off any scabbing or dry skin as this can lead to loss of colour and scarring
  • No moisturiser or anti ageing products on the brow area
  • No sun exposure or sun beds for 4 weeks
  • No facials, chemical treatments, botox or microdermabrasion for at least 4 weeks
  • Do not use any exfoliants or cleansing products containing acids (glycolic, lactic or AHA).

Following our aftercare is essential to achieve the best results!
Over half of your final healed result is determined by your skin and how well you look after your brows and also how strictly you follow the aftercare.

We always say the healing process can be a a bit of an emotional roller coaster, it usually goes something like this…

You will need to return for your second procedure in 6-8 weeks. Everyones skin heals differently and most clients will experience some shrinking, shape changing, loss of pigment, patchy areas and fading, this is normal so please don’t panic!!

Very occasionally after both treatments a further small retouch is needed, this will incur a charge for materials used only.

Things to remember!!!!

Your semi permanent brows will be effected by the use of sunbeds and uv rays, skin care routine and use of harsh products and exfoliants and also certain medications and treatments.

Your brows will not become maintenance free!

You wont be applying make up to create your brow shape everyday but it is important to keep up with waxing and tweezing any hairs outside of your new shape to keep your brows looking fresh.

Clients may also need to have their brow hair tinted on a regular basis to keep the brows blended and on point especially during summer, as fair hair over your semi permanent brows will mask them.

Brows should not need colour boosting for at least 8 months. They will fade as the months pass as they are semi permanent but a Wow Brow treatment is usually enough to give them a boost and bring them back on point. It is uneccesary to keep going back into the skin and should usually be avoided before the 8-12 month Mark.

Occasionaly colour boosts are needed more frequently if no natural brow hair is present (as your semi permanent make up is exposed to a lot more uv rays) or if your skin is excessively oily. Remember to always use a high spf sunblock on your brows especially during the summer months.

Payment plans

Payments are split into £50 Booking Fee (this must be paid on booking to secure pre consultation and procedure appointment dates) £170-£199 on the day of your procedure appointment depending on which service option you choose, and then a further £50 at your retouch appointment 6-8 weeks later. If you would prefer to pay in weekly or monthly instalments once your £50 booking fee has been paid to secure your appointments your treatment balance can be paid in any amount of instalments leading up to your appointment date, if you would prefer to pay in instalments please contact us **PLEASE NOTE THE BALANCE FOR INITIAL TREATMENT MUST BE PAID FOR BY THE DAY OF YOUR PROCEDURE**.

Booking Fee Terms & Conditions

A £50 NON REFUNDABLE booking fee is payable upon booking to secure appointment dates. Appointments are not confirmed until payment has been made. This will be deducted from your treatment balance. Any client wishing to reschedule an appointment must do so with at least 7 DAYS NOTICE to avoid their booking fee being lost. Booking fees are non refundable but are transferrable against new appointment dates (with at least 7 days notice) This includes full pre consultation appointments. If a consultation appointment is missed or a procedure appointment is missed after a consultation. The consultation must be rebooked and paid for within 1-10 days of your procedure appointment, this is due to the preparation we need to do at consultation. To avoid loss of booking fee please contact us to check your suitability for treatment if you have had any previous semi permanent brow procedure or if you have any medical conditions or take any medications. If we are unable to treat you your booking fee will not be refunded.